DVD on The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991


This DVD covers the up to date position with the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and includes dogs which are dangerously out of control as well as Breed Specific Legislation. The presentation is by Doglaw specialist Solicitor Trevor Cooper and has a running time of c.65 mins.

The contents of this comprehensive presentation, at a cost of only £10 (incl P&P), include:

Part 1: DANGEROUSLY OUT OF CONTROL What is an aggravated / non aggravated offence; When is a dog dangerously out of control; What defences are available (incl the Householder Case, the Huddart ruling and the Robinson-Pierre defence); Sentencing on the owner and orders on the dog; Implications of breach (incl Doyle ruling).

Part 2: BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION What dogs are proscribed (Incl Dunne & Brock ruling); What is the 2015 Exemption Scheme and how does it apply; Who is the keeper of a dog (incl Webb ruling); What is an ‘application’ under s4B(1)(b); What is the Interim Exemption Scheme.

Alternatively you can have a 48 hour rental of this presentation for only £4