Free Representation at a Criminal Court

Whether you are a new owner, experienced owner or a professional involved in dogs (dog walker, groomer, pet sitter, behaviourist or trainer) Doglaw SOS is able to provide you with peace of mind that, should the worst happen, expert representation will be provided.

Owners as well as those in charge of other people’s dogs are very worried that if their dog should behave out of character they may have breached the criminal law. As a fantastic benefit for Doglaw SOS Members, if the incident or alleged incident takes place during your period of membership, we are able to arrange FREE representation at a criminal Court in England and Wales if you are prosecuted under Section 3 of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 or Section 1 of the Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953.

Doglaw Limited has the benefit of Group Legal Protection from DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited which provides Doglaw SOS Members with Legal Defence and Helpline Services. The policy wording, which contains additional conditions and exclusions, is available here

Section 3 Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

This is a criminal offence which applies if any dog is dangerously out of control. All that is required is 31036990_lthat the dog makes a person reasonably fear that they (or their assistance dog) will be injured. If there is an injury then it is regarded far more seriously, even if that injury is as little as a scratch, puncture wound or bruise.

The offence applies everywhere in England and Wales i.e. it includes incidents on the road, pavement, park as well as your home and garden. Very limited defences apply.

The offence is committed by the owner as well as the person in charge of the dog – even if it’s not your dog, you could still find yourself facing a criminal prosecution if you had charge of someone else’s dog at the time (e.g. a dog walker).

Penalties can be severe and in a case involving injury:

  • For the dog, there is presumption that it shall be destroyed
  • For the offender, prison of up to 5 years (or up to 14 years if the victim dies) plus other financial / community based penalties

In view of the potential repercussions to both you and your dog you will want to make sure that you have expert representation at Court. As a Doglaw SOS Member you will be represented for FREE.

Section 1 Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953

This is a criminal offence which applies if a dog worries livestock on agricultural land. Worrying can mean as little as a dog not being on a lead or otherwise under close control in a field or enclosure where there are sheep. Although the maximum fine is up to 1000 GBP, prosecuting authorities will frequently also issue proceedings under Section 2 of the Dogs Act 1871 which could lead to an order for the dog to be kept under proper control or destroyed

Again, as a Doglaw SOS Member, you will be represented for FREE.

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