Discounts on DVDs & Seminars

Discount on Owners Seminars**

Trevor Cooper regularly provides seminars throughout England and Wales entitled “Doglaw: What Every
Responsible Dog Owner Needs to Know”. This seminar is a wide ranging mix of legal issues that are important to dog owners including responsibilities when buying and selling dogs, liability (both civil and criminal) for dogs that harm people and animals and much more.

Our current schedule and further details can be found here Owners Seminars
Places are available for 20 GBP each but Doglaw SOS Members can attend at the discounted rate of 15 GBP.

In addition, Carolyn Menteith occasionally provides a seminar at dog clubs entitled “Understanding your dog: Why dogs behave as they do” and 25% discount is also available to Doglaw SOS Members.

Discount on DVDs**

We have a composite selection of 5 talks on a 2 hours DVD from Carolyn Menteith which is available to purchase for 29.99 GBP, but can be bought by Doglaw SOS Members for only 20 GBP. For more information click here Dogtalk on Demand

No discount is available for the Pay to View videos.